Fixes Filza errors

Shortcut to fix Filza and Appdatamanager crashing

Hello everyone,I figured out what the issue was with Filza and Appdatamanager crashing for some people.So I made a Shortcut that will install and fix Filza crashing. The only two downsides:

  1. you’ll need to unsandbox Filza everything you close and reopen it.
  2. You’ll need to run the shortcut everything you rejailbreak (after a reboot).

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Filza Not Working

Errors are good in the sense that they led us to the new opportunities but few errors are pesky that needs to be resolved at the earliest to avoid the trouble caused by them. Filza users are also facing errors in Filza app like “Filza not working” or “Filza show no files” or other crashing issues on iOS devices. To get rid of this, we’re explaining to you how to fix Filza errors via this page. Continue reading…