What is Filza?

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Management is the very important aspect of life that goes proportionately with effectiveness. A mother has been called a good home manager while God is the manager of the universe. Our files need to manage too but do you know what could be a good file manager for your smartphones? If not, then you’re reading the correct page.

Every device is needed a file manager, whether it be Android or iOS or windows. iOS devices come with many limitations due to security aspects but users can gain root access by jailbreaking iOS. Once you jailbreak your iPhone, you’ll be able to add or remove those files that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do with its original version. So if you’re using a jailbreak iOS device, then you must try Filza file manager for your iPhone or iPad. Let’s understand what exactly Filza is while finding the answer for what is Filza?

What is Filza?

Filza is the file manager for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod. It manages all your iOS files along with applying editing tools on them. As it works on jailbroken devices, it could be fetched from Cydia store. It’d not be wrong to call it side loaded application as it could not be obtaining from apple app store. Before the launch of Filza, iFile was ruling the market but Filza has emerged as a competitor for iFile. Filza app will give you file-level root access to your device.

It is a File Manager app that gives you free and easy access to your iOS file system. Without this app, access of this type is not possible because Apple won’t open the system for you to get into. This is odd when you consider that they do allow it on the Mac with Finder. Anyway, on your iOS device, Filza is the only way so let’s look at what it can do for you. It is one of the most feature-packed apps and one of the things it does is allows you to see your file types: Apple iWork Filza, Compressed formats, HTML, Images, Microsoft files, Movies, PDF, Sound, Text, Web archive.

Your software and multimedia files can be customized in the following ways: Moved, Renamed, Copied and pasted, Property and text lists can be edited, like configuration files, .deb packages can be installed easily, Files can be imported to your iPod library, Compressed file formats can be packed and unpacked. Lastly, the file manager integrates with these: Safari Download Manager, Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing, Attachment Saver.

Moving files to and from your iOS device is simple:

  • Use the built-in web server to upload and download files using a network device or a browser;
  • FTP and Dropbox files can be managed;
  • Files can be viewed and downloaded using a Toshiba FlashAir card;
  • .dmg files can be easily mounted;
  • Files can be added as email attachments;
  • Files can be sent to other devices using Bluetooth.

To Know Filza Deeper, Let’s Go Through Its Features:

  • FilzaIt’s is compatible with iOS 7, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12 and other versions;
  • It has the file viewer feature that allows the users to view text, videos, install DEBs and many more;
  • Air browser enables file sharing between computer and iOS devices;
  • Filza app can execute shell scripts;
  • Filza file manager lets you compress the files besides copying or moving them between different folders;
  • It’s user interface synchronize with that of iOS 7, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12 and hence users feel familiar with the app;
  • There’re different view modes in Filza like a grid or list view to pin your file easy;
  • Built-in search option makes it very handy to fetch any file in seconds;
  • Synchronize your files with cloud storage.


Filza File Manager is a powerful file manager for the iOS devices that aims to enhance the functionalities of iOS devices. It is flat design containing an application that will offer you the best performance ever as compared to the most of the files managers. The best about Filza File Manager is that it is packed with multiple sets of file viewers in the shape of a hex editor, media player, text editor, DEB installer, SQLite Editor, web viewer, terminal and much more.

The SQL Editor of this tool is designed for dealing with the large query and works better with thousands of rows in the result. It will also make it easy for you to execute shell scripts and apps just in few taps. For the better management of the data and files, Filza File Manager is now offering a great amount of support for the leading cloud storage services as well. In short, it has all those that anyone needs for better management of files and data.

A strong thread is needed to make a beautiful string of pearl. Similarly, a good file manager is needed to manage all your files, images, videos, music, documents, .doc files, .xls files and much other stuff and that can be well done by Filza. Filza app brings all your device files into one place and helps you to perform various actions like moving or zipping files on different locations.

Those who’ve tried iFile will found many similarities between the two file managers, however, apart from the sleek interface and better designing, Filza has many new offerings for its users. We’re sure that you’ll add fantastic Filza file manager to your app library. To know more about Filza, keep this page in your browser bookmarks and keep visiting for a more related post.