Alternatives of Filza

Best alternatives of Filza File manager

Filza File Manager is a powerful file manager for the iOS devices. The best about Filza File Manager is that it is packed with multiple sets of file viewers in the shape of a hex editor, media player, text editor, DEB installer, SQLite Editor, web viewer, terminal and much more. For the better management of the data and files, Filza File Manager is now offering a great amount of support for the leading cloud storage services as well.

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iOS 12 GeoFilza file manager (no jailbreak) with root

In today’s video, I am glad to announce #GeoFilza. It’s the Filza File Manager from Cydia but I modified it with TiGi Software’s permission so that it can run on iOS 12 without having a Jailbreak. GeoFilza is like FilzaJailed or FilzaElectrocuted from a year ago. It uses a jailbreak exploit to obtain the necessary permissions, escape the sandbox and get root so that it can write to /var and /tmp and their subfolders and to read files from anywhere in the system. This is very useful if you wanna edit various files on the file system without having to do a jailbreak. You don’t need Osiris Jailbreak for this.
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Alternatives Of Filza

Today’s smartphone is our true companion, accompanying which you could never feel alone. At times, it could be your music player or it could be your financial advisor in your money crises. Of course, it can’t make a coffee for you but guides you how to make the one. While doing all these, you can use it like a PC too and in such a way, a smartphone better deals with your significant files.
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