Alternatives Of Filza

Today’s smartphone is our true companion, accompanying which you could never feel alone. At times, it could be your music player or it could be your financial advisor in your money crises. Of course, it can’t make a coffee for you but guides you how to make the one. While doing all these, you can use it like a PC too and in such a way, a smartphone better deals with your significant files.

Despite its wonderful utilities, some operating system particularly iOS restricts the access to your file. But there’s the way out of it in the form of apps. One of the most popular files managing the app for iOS after iFile is Filza that could be easily installed from Cydia store.

Alternatives Of Filza

What is Filza?

Filza is the file managing app for iPhone or iPad users. Tech lovers are increasingly using such apps because iDevices couldn’t let you read files stored in its memory using USB connection or there’s no external memory storage to move files. Filza app is the wonderful file managing app for iPhone but there may be at times, iOS users look for Filza alternatives. There’re plenty of options to choose from that adds file managing functionality to your iOS device, apart from Filza. We’re going to suggest you some good Filza alternatives through this page.

Technology is changing its colors for every now and then, in such a situation it’s important to have some alternatives in our hands. Take a look at some of the alternative apps for Filza.


iFunBox is another file manager for iOS, that manages all the files saved into your iDevice. It exactly works like windows file explorer. It can be used to transfer files between your iPhone and Mac PC without any ado and converts any iDevice into manageable memory destination to manage your photos, videos, and other files conveniently. Like Filza, iFunBox too facilitates you to create cloud backups, import or export your files and manage device storage. However, besides this, there’re certain downsides of this app like its inability to connect with the latest version of iTunes or reporting of permission issues by certain users.


iFile is the most akin alternative of Filza. This is because it delivers almost the same features as that of Filza. Like Filza, iFile is an application for iOS devices that lets you copy, delete or modify your system files. While it works on jailbreak devices but gives root access to all the files stored on your iPhone or iPad. iFile is the most popular among the iOS users and preferred by the jailbroken iOS device users. One of the biggest pluses of iFile users is that can allow transfer of files between iPhone to Mac or PC.


Moving ahead, the next name on the roll is iExplorer. Since it’s a Filza alternative, it lets you transfer your files and media from iPhone or iPad to your computer. Having attractive user interface, it helps you to manage your files with great ease. Copying files and accessing them on cross devices is possible on the touch of a finger. Simply follow the drag and drop technique to listen to your audio files and copying them on Mac or Windows platform. It’s quite popular among the iDevice users of US, UK, and Germany. Largely, it forms a good Filza alternative for iPhone and iPad lovers.


The myfile app lets you keep all your files at one convenient place so that to manage them well according to your needs. If you’re using a MyFile app, it doesn’t matter where you’ve saved your files, you could access them all right from MyFile folder. You may also synchronize third-party cloud storage like DropBox or OneDrive. This is the easy way to organize your files with multiple locations along with quick and fast sharing of your files with anyone. Using this app, you may also discard the old scraped files to create extra space on your device.

iFiles Pro

iFiles pro is the advanced version of an iFile app, that has all the features that one could expect from its file manager. iFile pro is able to perform multiple roles for your iOS device, it can be the file manager, document viewer, text editor and surprisingly it can be your Wi-Fi drive too. It supports all the file formats say images (jpg, png, gif etc.), videos (Mp4, Mpg, Mkv etc.), documents (PDF, word, excel etc.) including rich text format. Unlike Filza, it has a built-in web browser, from where you can directly download and access cloud files. iFiles pro gives you the liberty of performing functions like copy, move, delete or edit your iOS system files.


Likewise its pal apps, iPhoneBrowser is also a tool to arrange and organize files on iPhones. While it works on jailbroken iOS devices, it has the basic functionality of managing files on windows and accessing them on iPhone. Where native iPhone application only allows viewing your files, this app empowers you to perform all the file management tasks. Synchronization of your device data across other platforms is another feature offered by iPhoneBrowser.

File Browser

Last but not the least alternative for Filza is File Browser that amazingly manages files for iOS devices. You can browse movies and videos stored on your Mac PC or cloud storage with this file manager app. Not only that, file browser lets you stream your media content even on your Apple TV. In short, with the good internet connection, one can access documents and media files (Images, audios, GIFs or videos) from any of the iOS device stored on a server. Users can upload or download files and control them from their iPhone or iPad from anywhere.


iOS is the world’s most popular operating system but managing files is still a clumsy task with iPhones. iPhones won’t allow its operators to transfer files using micro SD ports and on the other hand, its Safari browser refuses to unlock files stored on web storage like DropBox.

In that case, above alternatives of Filza will be such a relief for those who like to work freely on their files. Thanks to the app developers who’ve developed above brilliant apps that lets you manage your files in an effective and organized way. All the above apps are sideloaded apps that wouldn’t be available in the Apple apps store though they’re safe to use from security aspect of your iOS device.

Rest assured, we’re keeping an eye on the updates in this way to keep you informed via this page. Let us know if you’ve any question related to above file managers. We’d love to answer you.