Filza for Android

Android has brought many positive changes in our lives and turns many of the complex things simpler. But file management is still an important aspect of our Android devices, especially when we talk about mobile phones. We store a lot of files daily either created or downloaded and managing them all is really require a good file manager.

While the Google play store is loaded with many attractive options with cool features for managing your device files, we’ve something unique and different for you and that’s Filza file manager for Android-based devices.

Filza For Android

Filza has many features in one single app, it wouldn’t be wrong if we call it master of all the file managing apps. Developers initiate the concept of Filza app with iOS platform and stretch it to Android after the positive response from the iOS community.

Below are the significant features of Filza app for Android that give you the close idea about it and its utility for you.

Filza Apk Features

Check out the features of Filza app that makes your file management magically simple and easy.

Transfer Your Files

If your default Android file manager isn’t capable of transferring your file, use Filza app to relocate your files within the same device or cross platforms like windows system. It’ll help you to access your files from different devices.

Trace Your Files

No matter, you file lies in which corner of your Android device, Filza can search it within seconds for you. Just type your file name and hit the search icon, your file would flash on your device screen.

File Arrangement

Filza gives you an open choice to arrange your files in your personalized way. To do so, users have various options like list view or grid view. While list view presents all your files in a list and gathers more files on a single screen contrary to that grid view will cover some more space but makes it easy to identify your file looking at its icons.

Compress Your Files

Unlike the default file managing application of Android, Filza gives you the chance to compress or decompress your files and save or edit them in different formats. This feature is extremely useful to compress bulky files to keep them handy on your phone.

Diverse Themes

Makes file managing more interesting using various themes of Filza app. There’re many different themes with varied features that makes your file managing not only facile but compulsive as well. You may also change your folder icons and differentiate them by assigning vivid colors.

Cloud Computing

Technology has come out as our helping hand but that’s equally true that it can deceive you anytime. We’re talking about device failure or like situations. In such a case, cloud storage becomes our hero. Filza file manager will allow you to store or upload all your files to your cloud storage like DropBox or OneDrive, to access them anytime anywhere.


Basically, file management is needed to summon any file quickly without delay, irrespective of its format. In busy days, file management is of utmost importance. Computers and smart tech devices have simplified most of our jobs contrary to that of govt. offices of the late 90s where a spacious hall was needed just to keep records.

Coming back to today, we’re living with technology where everything is ready at our fingertip. Filza file manager app is the example of brilliant file management which offers you the above mentioned utilities. There’re however many file managing apps on the official store but Filza app offers some unique features that make it worth using. In order to install Filza, you need to first download Filza apk for Android. To know the complete download process of Filza, you may read our related article on the topic.

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