Advantages of Filza

If you’ve scrolled enough of the web pages in search of a good file manager for your iOS device, then hold on for a minute and stay here to read about Filza. Filza is the free, safe and simple file manager application designed for iPhones and iPads. It has the handful of features that assist you in managing your files.

Filza App

Filza app is a sideloaded iOS application that couldn’t be obtained from apple app store but nevertheless, it’s the suitable for all the iOS devices especially those who’ve recently launched like iPhone X. It’s a secure app to manage your files well. The newer version of Filza app is Filzajailed app. A Filza jailed app does not require jailbreaking of iOS devices for those which recently released after iOS 10. Filza could be easily installed from Cydia store.

If summarizing Filza app, all it can be said that it’s a powerful and in-depth tool for iOS file manager needs. We’ve listed few significant advantages of Filza app here, that’s enough to persuade you about its utility for your iPhone or other iOS devices. Take a look.

Advantage Of Using Filza App

Nothing could be valued without benefits so here are some of the competitive advantages of Filza over its alternatives like iFile.

  • Ease Of Use

Filza file manager works super easy with iOS devices. Developers should be appreciated to laid out the concept of file managing so beautifully. It displays the wide array of features to manage your device files.

  • Root Access To All Files

Downloading Filza app, you can unlock all the directories on your iPhone which on the contrary not accessible in the ordinary course of action.

  • Share Your Files

Those who’ve installed Filza could share their files with others including iTunes ringtones. Using Filza app, you can even share them on social apps like WhatsApp.

  • Quick Search

Searching for files is extremely quick with Filza. Filza app facilitates you to get your files within seconds out of the heap of files.

  • File Compressing

Compressing and decompressing of files into varied file formats is another advantage of navigating Filza app. You can store your file into .zip or .rar like formats and can access them any time right on your iPhone.

  • Transit Files

Filza app allows you to import or export your files into different formats on cross platforms. Using SMB technique, the file could be transferred to windows platform as well. Files with Filza app can be transferred to any format like .jpg, .png, .mp4 and others.

By the time you’re reading these lines, you’ve already gone through the main points of Filza app for iOS users. With the above advantages, opting for Filza would not be a wrong choice.


Our tech devices come with limited storage and therefore it becomes quite essential to managing our system files wisely. Filza app will help you to handle all your files stored on your iOS device with great ease and efficiency. Filza can copy, move, rename, delete or share your files for you giving you the root access to your operating system.

It not only makes your browsing and searching easy but its different view modes make it even more handy to use. If you forgot to take the back up of your files, don’t worry, Filza app uploads all your iOS device files to your cloud storage are it Dropbox or iCloud storage. In this way, Filza also rescues you from the job of taking back up of your files.

Filza is the good opportunity for those who’re struggling with managing their files (Audios, videos, jpg files, text files etc.). We hope that we have been successful in conveying our voice effectively to you. For more concerns about Filza app, get in touch with us. Don’t forget to add this page to your bookmarks for more updates on Filza.